Sales Staff

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  • Kamal Charef
    General Manager

    From: Morocco

    Languages: French, Arabic, English

    What do you do for fun: Watch sports, enjoy good food with great company

    Something interesting: Where do I start…

    Favorite movie: Braveheart

    Favorite book: The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

    Favorite quote: Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles

  • Duke Naipohn
    Assistant General Manager

  • John Rondeau - 8 Years
    Used Car Director

    From: Valencia, California          

    Language:  English

    What do you do for fun: Snow Ski and Wakeboard

    Something interesting: I love my wife

    Fav movie: Pulp Fiction

    Fav book: The Stand by Steven King

    Fav quote: What we do in life….Echo's in eternity!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Walker - 6 Years
    Digital Manager

    From: La Mirada, California          

    Language:  English

    What do you do for fun: Spend time with family and friends, dining, traveling, boating, attend sporting events and concerts. Basically living life to the fullest.

    Something interesting: D'you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?

    Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

    Favorite book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 

    Favorite quote: You can get everything in life that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want. - Zig Ziglar

  • Rob Knapp - 6 Years
    General Sales Manager

  • Daniel Zolnierczyk- 7 Years
    General Sales Manager

  • Edgar Jurado - 3 Years
    General Sales Manager

    From: Inglewood, California

    Languages: English, Spanish and Spanglish

    What do you do for fun: Recreational Sports and Family Actives

    Something interesting: I got married when I was 21

    Favorite movie: Donnie Brasco

    Favorite book: Harry Potter       

    Favorite quote: "If you ain't 1st your last" Ricky Bobby

  • Alex Cosenza - 4 Years
    General Sales Manager

    From: Chandler, Arizona

    Languages: English

    What do you do for fun: Sports

    Something interesting: Played College Football

    Favorite movie: Gladiator

    Favorite book: Harry Potter       

    Favorite quote: The man who has no imagination has no wings  ~Muhammad Ali

  • Mark "Kiwi" Broughton - 9 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Enrique Moreno - 8 Years
    Sales Manager

    From: Hermosillo Sonora Mexico 

    Languages: English, Spanish

    What do you do for fun: Camping

    Favorite Movie: 300

    Favorite book: The Alquimist

    Favorite quote: If you don't do it someone else will!

  • Terry Pickle - 6 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Elgin Castro - 5 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Jose Blanco - 4 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Mike Norman - 4 Years
    Sales Manager

    From: Brookings, Oregon been in Arizona since 1996

    Language: English 

    What do you do for fun: off-roading, spending time with my family 

    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption 

    Favorite quote: Every Saint has a past, Every sinner has a future!

  • Rich Bertanza - 4 Years
    Sales Manager

    From: Fairfield, Connecticut

    Languages: English

    What do you do for fun: Travel. 

    Something interesting: I traveled 2,586 miles to work at Avondale Toyota.

    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite quote: If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning".

  • David Dadisho - 3 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Kimie Stewart - 3 Years
    Sales Manager

    Languages: English & Mandarin

    What do you do for fun: Baseball, bowling, weightlifting and family BBQ's

    Something interesting: I can talk and chew gum at the same time

    Favorite book: Holy Bible 

    Favorite quote: Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others ~ Danny Thomas 

  • Scott Mcewen - 3 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Scottie Williams - 3 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Conrad Grashel - 3 Years
    Sales Manager

    From: Phoenix, Arizona 


    Language: English 


    What do you do for fun: Explore off-road 


    Something interesting: I enjoy long walks on the beach while being serenaded by mariachis


    Favorite movie: Back To The Future


    Favorite book: Start With Why- Simon Sinek 


    Favorite quote: Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can't, You're Right - Henry Ford 


  • Maribel Johnson - 2 Years
    Sales Manager

  • Johnny Lopez - 2 Years

  • Jesse Frazier - 2 Years
    Sales Manager

    From: Phoenix, AZ

    Language: English 

    What do you do for fun: Spend time with my little girl 

    Something interesting: I'm addicted to the ID channel

    Favorite movie: Back to the Future

    Favorite magazine: Motor Trend

    Favorite quote: "You only get one chance to make a great 1st impression"

  • Tommy Severado -1 Year
    Sales Manager

    From: Santa Clarita, CA by way of Danville, IL

    Languages: Phoenician

    What do you do for fun: Bank heists mostly, but sometimes I just like to relax from all the excitement and play some video games or watch a movie.

    Something interesting: I used to be taller.

    Favorite movie: E.T.

    Favorite book: 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene

    Favorite quote: "It's not whether you get knocked down, It's whether you get up" - Vince Lombardi

  • Rafael Trujillo - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Scott Aguillar - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Orlando Chavarria - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Jon Paul Cassidy - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Larry Mello - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Luis Cuevas - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

    From: San Diego, CA

    Languages: Spanish, English 

    What do you do for fun: I enjoy my profession I am able to make an honest living and at the same time help out people 

    Favorite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street 

    Favorite book: 10X

    Favorite quote: "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth" ~ Mohammed Ali  

  • Claudio Escobedo - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

    From: San Diego, California

    Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

    What do you do for fun: Spend time with my kids and off road racing

    Something interesting: I lived in Brazil and was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

    Favorite movie: Mountains of The Moon

    Favorite book: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Favorite quote: Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others? -MLK

  • Erick DeLeon - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Peter Gill - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Alfonso Santos - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Vince Lombardi
    Sales Manager

  • Blanca Correa - 1 Year

  • Jay Kleiner - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Deborah Sims - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Phill Williams Jr - 1 Year

  • Kevin Warner - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

    From: Job, West Virginia

    Languages: English

    What do you do for fun: I enjoy the gym

    Something interesting: New gadgets interest me

    Favorite book: Sell or Be Sold

    Favorite quote: Judge not lest ye be judged

  • Freddy Vasquez - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

  • Timo Wilson - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

    From: Ehigan, Germany

    Language: English

    What do you do for fun: Travel, Workout, Read, Enjoy time with my family

    Something interesting: Self taught how to trade the Foreign Exchange Markets

    Favorite movie: The pursuit of happiness

    Favorite book: 48 laws of power by Robert Greene 

    Favorite quote: Some people see the glass half full. Others see the glass half empty. The enlightened are simply grateful to have a glass. ~ Mark Desvaux

  • Richard Aldrich - 1 Year
    Sales Manager

    Language:  English



    What do you do for fun: Pistol and rifle shooting with my wife.



    Something interesting: Grand Kids keep you young.



    Favorite movie: The Longest Day



    Favorite book: The Bible



    Favorite quote: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Emerson Jimenez - 1 Year
    Sales Manager