Make Safety #1 With Toyota

Some drivers are passive. Others are aggressive. There are even those who adopt a complex combination of the two. Now, thanks to Goodyear Tires and, readers can learn about all seven personality types to watch out for on the road, in order to optimize their safety -- and the safety of those around them. They might even discover a few ways to adjust their own on-the-road tendencies! Check out the link below to learn more.

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The Shocking Secret Ingredient in Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen might just be the fuel of the future. It's long been used by NASA to power rockets and take people into space. The United States already produces about 9 million metric tons of it each year. So isn't it time we started using this clean-burning fuel in our cars?

Well, hydrogen fuel may have an origin that's not so clean.

That’s right, the brand new Toyota Mirai might run on cow poop.

Of course, there are many methods of obtaining hydrogen, some sustainable, and some not so sustainable.

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