Toyota RAV-4 Takes Home Big Awards

The 2015 RAV4 is ready to help make your days, and nights, more fun. With expressive styling and a roomy, comfortable interior, RAV4 is ready for fun-filled adventure whenever you are. 

Did you also know the Toyota RAV-4 is one of the most popular, safest, most highly recommended, longest lasting, and has the best resale value of any SUV in the market? Let's take a look at some of the awards it won.

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Conquer Fear and Boost Confidence with this Beastly Off-Roading Truck

We all dream of overcoming our own obstacles... climbing our own mountains.... conquering our own fears.

Well, it's time to throw away the self-help books, turn off Dr. Phil, and get behind the wheel of the new Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. With this beast under your feet, there's nothing you can't accomplish, and no mountain you can't climb, as professional drivers Ryan Millen and Andy Bell soon learned...

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Toyota Mirai Leaves Only Water in its Tracks

Imagine being able to cross Arizona without stopping for gas? In a car that expels no exhaust? Automotive engineers have been searching for an environmentally-friendly way to power cars for decades. But the 2016 Toyota Mirai may be the closest any car maker has come to envisioning the car of the future. Mirai is fueled by compressed hydrogen gas, which, once paired with oxygen in the car's fuel cell stack, creates the electro-chemical reaction…

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Junior Achievement of Arizona, A Great Partnership

We are thrilled whenever we get the opportunity to work within our amazing community. We share the same values and goals in order to make this world the best possible place it can be. We are honored to partner with Junior Achievement of Arizona to accomplish these goals together, and invest in the lives of your people who will greatly impact our community for good, in the very near future. A special thank you goes out to our very own Roberto Michel for his volunteer work with Junior Achievement.

About Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit…

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