How Important Are Fresh Tires?

Fresh tires are vitally important to your safety on the road. One of the most important factors in your ability to stop is the depth of your tire tread.

On a wet road at highway speeds, it can take up to 10 additional car lengths for a vehicle with 2/32 inch tread to stop, compared with a car with 10/32 inch tread.

They key, of course, is a wet road. Here in Avondale, we don't get too much rain. You could be driving on completely bald tires right now and not know it until the next time…

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Toyota Tacoma Surpasses Expectations

The work truck segment grows and changes almost every year, and when it comes to abilities--not to mention raw sales--the Toyota Tacoma has always been the one to beat. Sure, the competition have tried to knock it from its lofty perch, but they have done anything but succeed. Now, they have the 2016 model to contend with.

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