Man Drives Toyota Tundra 1 Million Miles, Gets Another Tundra

After driving a Toyota Tundra for 1 million miles, complete with the original engine and transmission, the only sensible thing to do is buy another one! In this case, however, Tundra-fanatic Victor Sheppard didn't have to.

After hearing about Sheppard's story and his incredible, long-lasting pickup, Toyota decided to trade him a brand new 2016 model for free. It would be Sheppard's 16th Tundra.

"These trucks are safe and dependable," Sheppard boasts...

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Why MIT Technology Review Considers Toyota One of the Smartest Companies of 2016

Toyota was listed at number 17 on MIT Technology Review's 50 Smartest Companies of 2016. It's a high honor coming from a publication by one of the top technology schools in the country.

What about Toyota caught MIT's approving gaze?

In January 2016, the Toyota Research Institute opened its doors with an initial $1 billion investment into artificial intelligence, robotics, self-driving cars, and mobility

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