The Toyota 4Runner is a breath of fresh air

It's no secret that sometimes we all need to get away and decompress after a stressful and fast-paced week. The 2016 Toyota 4Runner not only offers a great, exhilarating drive with plenty of power, but it can also easily whisk you away to a quiet, relaxing place with plenty of fresh air for you to breath in.


Nothing like fresh air and the power of a #4Runner in the palm of your hands.

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Avondale Toyota Scion is happy to highlight each and every feature of…

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Work With Your Prius to Drive More Efficiently

If fuel economy is important to you, then a hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Prius could be a great fit for you. But buying an efficient car is not the only thing you can do to save on gas and go easy on the environment; in the video below you can learn about a few Prius features and driving habits you can use to maximize that efficiency.

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