Auxiliary Driving Lamp Kits with FJ Cruiser are a Bit Too Bright

We find ourselves saying it often, but that's simply because it's true: recalls aren't bad. Although it's understandably easy to jump to negative conclusions regarding such an announcement, at Avondale Toyota we like to remind drivers that they're done so with good intentions.

In fact, when our preferred Japanese automaker recently announced a recall they not only proved that they're taking the safety of owners seriously, but that they're concerned with the well-being of everyone on the road. Case in point is the recall that's affecting select Toyota FJ Cruiser SUVs in greater Avondale, TX, and beyond.

That's because the aforementioned utility vehicle, from the 2007 through 2013 model years, are in question due to the optional Toyota Auxiliary Driving Lamp Kits. The issue at hand is that when the added shine of the kit is paired with the SUV's high beams, the lights become too bright.

For a model that's destined to see more dirt roads than paved ones, that doesn't seem like a big problem to have. However, the brilliant luminosity of the optional feature can be distracting to oncoming traffic. That's a disturbance Toyota wants to avoid.

With that said, if you drive an FJ Cruiser equipped with the Auxiliary Driving Lamp Kits, we invite you to visit our car service and repair center located at 10005 West Papago Freeway in Avondale, AZ. During your visit our Toyota experts are happy to switch out the high-intensity bulbs for slightly dimmer ones, free of charge!


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