The Most Reliable New Cars Make the Most Reliable Used Cars

It is a well known fact that new Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles have an outstanding reliability record. It makes sense that they would be just as reliable when they are a few years old. 

The reports are in and Toyota, Lexus and Scion are on the list as some of the most reliable used vehicle brands in all price ranges compared.

So, If someone in your family is looking for a used car, it’s hard to go wrong with a Toyota, Lexus or Scion. 

So says Consumer Reports, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Eleven members of the Toyota family graced the publication’s list of the best used vehicles which were categorized into four price ranges by small cars, sedans and SUVs:

Under $10,000:
       Small cars: Toyota Prius (2004-2007), Scion XB (2004-2006), Toyota Matrix (2005-2007)

       SUVs: Toyota Highlander V6 (2004)       

       SUVs: Toyota Rav4 (2006, 2008)

       Sedans: Toyota Camry (2011-12), Toyota Camry Hybrid (2010-11)

       SUVs: Lexus RX (2006-07)         


       Sedans: Toyota Avalon (2011), Lexus LS (2006)

       SUVs: Toyota Highlander Hybrid (2008-09)

To view the entire article from Consumer Reports, CLICK HERE


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