Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Beckons a Bright Future

When you think of the "Go Green" movement, the Toyota Prius is likely the first vehicle that comes to mind. The hybrid proves that Toyota is a pioneer when it comes to developing sustainable technologies. With that in mind, Toyota is set to release its first-generation Fuel Cell Vehicle that is as much of a game-changer as the Prius.

Known as the FCV, the zero emissions vehicle is driven by an on-board hydrogen cell that uses renewable energy from the atmosphere. As a result, the FCV's only runoff is harmless water vaopr. Now, that's sustainability defined.  As with the advent of all revolutionary technologies, there'll be the doubters at first. But, we're also convinced those people will see the light once they see the incredible FCV in action. For more information about FCV's release, please visit Avondale Toyota Scion at our store in Avondale, AZ and we'll be happy to relay addition details.

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