Toyota Invests in Future Technology

Dr. Gill Pratt has has a prestigious career. He earned a doctorate from MIT, where he later taught. Then he helped found Olin College of Engineering. He worked as a program manager with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency before being hired by Toyota this September.

It shouldn't come as a shock that after investing in this top-level robotics engineer, Toyota Motor Corporation announced it was forming a new company in research and development with Dr. Pratt as the CEO.

It's a $1 billion investment, but to Toyota, it is well worth it. The President of Toyota Motor Corporation explained, "At Toyota, we do not pursue innovation simply because we can; we pursue it because we should."

Why should they research robots and artificial intelligence?

Two of their primary goals are improving safety by creating smarter cars that can avoid accidents and even drive themselves, and creating adaptive features that will make driving accessible to everyone.

At Avondale Toyota Scion, we're looking forward to better mobility and safety technology appearing in our new inventory. We hope you'll stop in for a test drive, and see what's new.

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