Toyota Safety Sense will be Standard on Every Model by the End of 2017

Last month at the New York Auto Show, Toyota made a jaw-dropping announcement. By the end of next year, every single model of every single trim level will have Toyota Safety Sense as a standard feature.

That means even if you're driving the base-model Yaris, you can still enjoy cutting-edge advances in safety and collision prevention that once were only available on top-tier vehicles.

The reason for Toyota's seemingly boundless generosity?

The core feature of Toyota Safety Sense is the automatic emergency braking (AEB)-capable Pre-Collision System. It warns the driver of potential collisions, and will apply brakes automatically to mitigate damage if the driver does not take evasive action in time.

By 2022, the majority of automakers have pledged to make AEB a standard feature... so Toyota is just getting the job done four years early.

We're glad Toyota is striving to make vehicles safer for all of their customers. Visit Avondale Toyota Scion to learn more, and test drive a new Toyota vehicle.

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