So, what happened to Scion?

For several years, Toyota offered a range of more youthful models under the Scion brand name. Sporty styling and affordable price tags were the signature traits of Scion models, and the brand developed a loyal following. However, the Scion name didn't last forever.

In 2017, Toyota decided to phase out the Scion brand and fold in the most popular models into the its own vehicle lineup. Now in 2019, Toyota offers a couple of rebadged Scion models. The Scion iA is now available as the Yaris four-door. Likewise, the Scion FR-S is now offered as the Toyota 86.

These transitions have helped popular Scion models stay available to drivers around Peoria. Each now wears a Toyota badge, but their design and features have carried over largely unchanged from the Scion days.

Scion is no longer with us, but its cars are still on the road and owners near Tempe and Glendale, AZ are still passionate about their vehicles. Avondale Toyota is here to support those owners. Whether you drive an original Scion, or you're interested in buying a transitioned Toyota model, you can find what you need at our dealership.

If you have an old Scion model, you can bring it to the Avondale Toyota service center for its maintenance needs. Our technicians are familiar with Scion models and can use the proper OEM parts to take care of them.

If you have questions about the Scion transition, please reach out to us here at Avondale Toyota.

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