550 × 366?

Toyota has two available trucks and they are just what you've been searching for. If you need a smaller, pickup truck for off-road adventures in Tempe than the new Toyota Tacoma will not disappoint.

If you are looking for a new truck with a bit more power and size than the new Toyota Tundra is the truck for you. You can get a brand new Toyota truck for lease or purchase today! To learn more about all these trucks have to offer continue reading.


The Toyota Tacoma is ready to excite you. For all adrenaline lovers in Tempe, the Toyota Tacoma is the truck for you. You'll be equipped with several capability features, such as a robust V6 engine that is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

This engine can haul up to 6,800 pounds with ease and helps you take on an adventure the moment it comes calling.

The new Tacoma also offers more off-road capability thanks to its Multi-terrain management Select and Crawl Control systems. Those steep grades and protruding rocks are not challenging for the Tacoma.


The new Toyota Tundra is one mighty truck, and it's ready to get to work both on the worksite and on the highway. Need to haul? Not a problem form the new Tundra thanks its 10,200 towing capability and 1,730-pound payload capacity.

But, power isn't the only thing this truck is good at. The new Tundra also offers you a luxurious cabin filled with advanced technologies like an eight-inch, high-resolution touchscreen, and Apple CarPlay® compatibility.

The Center console has been redesigned to be larger and comes with a 12V auxiliary power outlet.

This truck not only can get you where you need to go but can become your mobile office when required.

If you are a Glendale, AZ, or Peoria truck shopper looking for a powerful new truck that can work as hard as it can play and hold its value then a new Tacoma or Tundra is the perfect solution.

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